Our Circuit

Track Layout & Facilities

Our track may be hidden away in the highlands of Scotland but our fast flowing circuit should be the envy of many other kart clubs.   As the most northerly motorsports facility in Great Britain, the North of Scotland Kart Club's Littleferry circuit is also certainly the UK's most scenic, with a truly unique seaside setting; straddled between the prominent Ben Bhraggie hill and the beautiful Golspie beach, the track is nestled between a world class links golf course and the renowned Loch Fleet nature reserve.

All visiting competitors will be assured of a real highland welcome and our events  offer competitive but friendly racing with all the facilities and amenities you might need at a race weekend. Come race with us!

The track is available for private practice on those days not reserved for race events, open track days, private hire events or track maintenance / work party sessions (subject to change) – please check with the calendar and the club before travelling to the circuit.

It is a strict condition of membership that members must comply with the rules set out in membership when using the circuit – any person found to be in breach of club and track rules may be subject to disciplinary action which  may entail having their membership suspended or permanently revoked.


Track Opening Hours


In the interests of positive community and neighbour relations the running  of karts on non-event days is limited to the following times;


Monday to Sunday

April to September – 10am – 8pm

October to March – 10am – 4pm

Members are provided with a key for access during these times.


NOTE: The lock / combination will be changed at the start of each calendar year on a  pre-announced date. New keys / combination codes will be issued to fully paid up members in good standing with the club to obtain access.


A Fast Flowing & Challenging Circuit

Once driven - never forgotten! 

Our Littleferry circuit is a favourite for many drivers from every corner of Scotland because of its fast, flowing configurations, smooth surface, challenging corners and apexes, tricky cambers, undulating dips and rises. The right-left flick through the banked 'corkscrew' is a particular favourite. The circuit offers a real test of skill, courage and racecraft for kart racers while  at sprint events, drivers of all types of cars from sports cars to single seaters only get one lap to master their time attack of our tartan tarmac.

There’s no better way to test your driving abilities than practicing, racing  or sprinting at Littleferry Circuit. For more information about  access to the track please contact us.

NSKC Track Diagram copy.jpg

Track Safety

Our immaculately  maintained circuit is 997 metres long, 8 metres wide and consists of 6 corners.

Littleferry circuit is inspected and licenced annually by Motorsport UK, the governing body of motorsport in the UK.

Competitors are safeguarded by large expanses of grass to provide safe run off areas for any drivers who find themselves running out of track or talent (or both!) 

Higher risk areas are protected by Safeguard impact barriers as well as the traditional tyre walls.

Race events and official practice / track days are supported by a dedicated ambulance and NHS paramedics. The track also has a well equipped first-aid room.


Race Control

Event command & control, timekeeping, lap scoring, signing on and commentary are all located opposite the starting grid.

Clubhouse, Cafeteria & Toilet Facilities

Our clubhouse with big screen TV and comfortable cafeteria  is open to all on race days.  Our toilets are always spotlessly clean.


Technical Inspection Bay / Parc Ferme 

Our  excellent fully equipped scrutineering facilities where our ace Scrutineers Martin Robertson and Lee Bain use a diverse range of tools and techniques to ensure safety, fair play and technical equitability is maintained between all competitors.