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Although karting is the foundation and focus of the club's existence our motorsports programme has flourished in collaboration with the Caithness Car Club and other organisations to co-organise car events such as sprints, time attack, drifting and even mini-moto. 


In the far north, the motorsport season runs from March to October with kart race events usually held on the last Sunday of the month, although there may be some special two day events from time to time.

Kart Racing 


Motorsport UK  Sanctioned

Motorsport UK, the governing body of all motorsport in the country authorizes and sets all the regulations, safety standards and assigns certain senior race officials to manage each of its events.

The club holds Motorsport UK sanctioned kart races at Littleferry on the last Sunday of each alternative month (between April and September). A typical event will consist of optional free practice sessions on the Saturday in preparation for the competition itself on the Sunday. Sunday’s format consists of  a short qualifying session, two or three heats and a final race, which determines the prizewinners on the day.


Kart Racing 


Independent Club Events

As an alternative to Motorsport UK sanctioned events, the club holds ‘independent kart races’ at Littleferry on the last Sunday of each month (between March and October).


The race format, competitions and schedule between both types of events are very similar.



Open Practice Days

Open practice days  are the ideal time to test your kart and driving skills without the pressure or formality of a competition. Practice days will be published on our Facebook page and in the news section of this website.


SAFETY NOTE:  Club rules stipulate that mixed practice sessions are NOT allowed at any time . This will be strictly enforced by the club committee.


Car Sprints


In collaboration with the nearby Caithness Car Club, the NSKC also hosts Motorsport UK sanctioned car sprints at the track, where competitors can test their driving skills, racing against the stopwatch.

Sprinting is a high-speed circuit discipline in which drivers take turns to set a time around a lap of a race circuit or a set course, with the fastest times determining the results. Sprinting is a very diverse discipline, with vehicles ranging from standard road cars to F1-style single-seaters. ompetitors will familarise themselves with practice runs before the competition itself starts. Competitors will typically get two runs against the clock, with their best time counting in the final results.   



Open Track Days

Open practice days are sometimes held for cars during the summer months, where local motorsport enthusiasts can test both their cars and driving skills under carefully controlled conditions.
Open practice days are informal and are run by the club to ensure compliance with Motorsport UK guidelines, in that comparative competitive timing of runs does not occur and there is no actual competition taking place.
Contact the club for more details of our open track days for cars.




Open Track Days

More recently the circuit has also hosted ‘drifting’ events for cars. In simple terms drifting is a driving technique where the driver intentionally oversteers, with loss of traction, while maintaining control to drive the car through the entirety of a corner.
The sport of drifting is judged according to the speed, angle, showmanship and line taken through a corner or set of corners. The desired line is usually dictated by the judge or judges, who describe to the competitors the actual line required by the judges as well as highlight areas of importance, such as clipping zones, clipping points and touch and go areas.

Come & Try


Lets Go-Karting

Lets Go Karting sessions are where you can try karting  under carefully controlled conditions  to see if you enjoy it before committing to the purchase of your  own kart. 


These sessions are held regularly throughout the year at Littleferry Circuit, contact the club for details

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Other Car Events / Track hire

As the track is located just a few kilometres from the main A9 Inverness to John O’Groats road which has now evolved to become part of Scotland’s iconic “North Coast 500” tourist route around the northern highlands, it was almost inevitable that Britain’s toughest rally for classic and historic cars “Le Jog” would become a regular winter visitor to the Golspie circuit, which forms a competitive stage in this spectacular Lands’ End to John O’ Groats event.

Littleferry circuit has also attracted the attention of former BBC TV ‘Top Gear’ presenters Jeremy Clarkson, Richard Hammond and James May who used the circuit to film an episode of their new “Grand Tour” global TV series in 2018.