Our Legacy...Our Future

Why we exist....


Back in the day, before the formation of the club, it really wasn’t easy for highland based motorsport enthusiasts to break into national motorsport.


That is why, in 1978 through the mutual effort and a shared dream, the club's founders managed to establish our very own motorsports facility - Littleferry Circuit, Golspie, Scotland

Now some 40 years later the club is proud to have provided the arena, support, culture and stimulus for many aspiring regional race drivers to enjoy the sport to the full and for a select few rising stars to pursue their dreams of a career in professional motorsport. 

Our goal is to continue to encourage local youngsters into kart racing and to nurture their motorsport dreams in a safe and inclusive environment.  


What do David Coulthard, Alan McNish, and Susie Wolff all have in common?

They are all Scottish - They all made it to Formula 1  - They are all now TV commentators......and they have all raced at Golspie!

Over the years and in some small part the club and its  Littleferry Circuit has played a role in the development of these stars and so many others. As we continue to develop the racing talent of the future who knows which of our current members will be the motorsport stars of tomorrow.