Our Classes

The NSKC organises practice and races for the following classes at Littleferry Circuit for both Independent Kart Racing Events & Motorsport UK Sanctioned Events.

  • Bambino - (6 - 8 Years Old)

  • Honda Cadet (8 - 13 Years Old)

  • Mini Max Rotax (11- 17 Years Old)

  • Junior Max Rotax - ( 11 - 17 Years Old)

  • Senior Rotax + 177 - (16+)

  • KZ2  - Gearbox (16+)

IKR and Motorsport UK Events  – What’s the Difference?

Independent Kart Racing (IKR)  was introduced some years ago in an attempt  to provide an easier, less formal and more affordable form of kart racing. Over time the popularity of IKR has grown to the point where most UK tracks now offer alternative IKR for those competitors more focussed on budget racing with lower costs, informality and more flexible rules and driving just for fun rather than pursuing a serious karting campaign under the auspices of FIA-CIK sanctioned karting and a career pathway to a professional motorsports career. Many competitors use IKR to enable them to use karts and engines which are no longer eligible to compete at Motorsport UK sanctioned events.


Motorsport UK sanctioned events are strictly governed by Motorsport UK regulations and not the club. At these events you will have to hold a valid Motorsport UK racing licence. Such events are run by licenced  Motorsport UK officials to a stricter standard than a typical IKR race event.


So should you choose IKR or Motorsport UK sanctioned events to race at? There are pro’s and con’s for each category, and opinions are often divided as to the advantages and disadvantages of each. With the right kart you can try both, but before committing please speak to a club committee member for their point of view and guidance.