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The NSKC's AGM was held on the 6th of November at the Golspie Golf Club and attended by thirty-five members. A more detailed report will be published shortly but, in the meantime, the following persons were co-opted on to the Committee.

Chairman - Jay Mackay

Vice Chairman - Gordon Mackay

Assistant Vice-Chairman - Lewis Wiliamson

Club Secretary - Carol Blanchard

Treasurer - To be appointed in January 2022

Entry Secretary - Lorraine Ryan

Membership Secretary - James Ross, assisted by Lorraine Ryan

Chief Marshal - Ron Blanchard

Commentator - Kenne MacKenzie

Committee - Gordon Mellis, Ian Williamson, Ian Sinclair, Lorna Ryan, Tony Janetta, Chris Docherty, Robbie Gray, Bevan Fraser & Ryan Macgennis.

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