The Great Floods

The track and club were almost lost forever due to flooding caused by several severe winter storms. the last being in 2014

Due to a 'perfect storm' which combined coastal erosion, easterly gale force winds and exceptional high tide winter storms over a 3 year period up to 2014, the  huge rock and earth bank that has protected the track since it was founded over 40 years ago was virtually washed away to nothing.

The track was eventually flooded by a breach of the sea wall just up the coast but as the huge waves continued to pound the track's adjacent sea defences, a breach here would have inevitably resulted in catastrophic damage to the track, its buildings and facilities.


As a consequence, the club were in serious danger of losing this fantastic facility for all time.

Over many weeks and months and with the help of local contractors, businesses, suppliers, club members  and local volunteers, submerged buidlings were pumped out, the track was drained, cleared and sea defence walls reconstructed before track repairs could be completed.


Our Track - Completely Flooded

Race Control Flooded

Clubhouse & Technical Inspection Bay Flooded

Surface Damage From Tons of Rubble


Sea Defences Almost Breached

Crash Barriers & Tyre Walls Washed Away

Track Debris & Damage

The  Sea Almost Claimed Our Track!

Clean Up + Reconstruction


The Big Clean Up

Three Times in as Many Years

All the members rallied round on each occaison to clear the rubble and other debris, shovel the mud, replace the barriers and tyre walls.

The Clubhouse and Cafeteria, Race Control and Technical Inspection Bay all had to be pumped dty, mopped out and infrastructure repaired.

Seawall Defences Reconstructed

Local Contractor Comes to Club's Aid

Once interim clean ups were completed, it was critical that the adjacent sea wall was rebuilt as a matter of urgency to prevent a catasrophic breach by the encroaching sea.

Our track was only saved through the hard work of the membership and the contribution, patience, and understanding of a local contractor who provided all the heavy machinery, equipment and resources to rebuild the sea wall defences.... on an interim basis. 


Although the Littleferry Circuit  has since returned to its former pristine condition, our battle with the sea continues and  ongoing remedial work will always be required if the circuit is to survive. 

Truck Small.jpg

Our Reconstruction Partner

Much more than a Sponsor  - our saviour! Thanks to the generosity and cooperation of Edward Mackay Contractors - the club was able to reconstruct our sea defences and save the track... for now!

This Club Has Fighting Spirit!

We Saved Our Track

Thanks to Hard Work, Generous Contractors, Sponsors, Donations and Fund Raising in all Shapes and Forms - all accomplished with spirit and a wry sense of humour.

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