Karting Volunteers Needed

Our club, like so many other sports clubs depend on a hard core of enthusiastic and dedicated volunteers... but we need more!

Behind the scenes, the club relies on a nucleus of members and volunteers to not only maintain the track but to plan, organise and execute each race or track event.

Nevertheless, the club needs even more volunteers to assist us in all facets of our club and events. Opportunities exist in track maintenance, paddock, pre-grid, race control, administration, timekeeping and lap scoring.

In particular, we always have a real need for trackside marshals and race officials. The club offers comprehensive training and assistance to achieve the necessary licence from Motorsport UK, which in turn opens up officiating opportunities at other venues and in many motorsport disciplines... up to and including Formula 1.

Without our volunteers and officials in key roles we simply wouldn't be able to provide practice and racing opportunities for the young motorsport enthusiasts in the highlands.


We are always in need of like-minded motorsport enthusiasts to help us develop the region’s  young driving talent.


We offer an inclusive,  friendly, safe, and social environment for all our volunteers.

Track marshals and officials will be provided with club overalls and hi-viz jackets alongwith complimentary breakfast and lunch on race days.

Behind the Scenes - Our Volunteers

The People of the Pits, Paddock, Parc Ferme and Podium

Your racing ambitions and ability to compete may change over time, but as a motorsport enthusiast the desire to make a difference and develop the young racers of tomorrow is always there. Our committee members, officials, marshals and workers are committed to growing the club, improving the track and organising the best race events we can. 
WE NEED VOLUNTEERS....whether you prefer event organisation and administration, track maintenance, or marshalling we have a role waiting that will suit you.


Kenne Mackenzie



Fiona Morgan

Membership Secretary


Jack Howard

Starter/Cadet Marshal  - Pre Grid


Kerry Urquhart

Chief Timekeeper


Ossie Ross

Chief Marshal & Starter


Isobel Urquhart

Event Entry Secretary


James Ross



A. N. Other

Lap Scoring


Carol Blanchard

Club Secretary, Company Secretary, Clerk of the Course


Jay McKay

Club Chairman & Competitor


Ron Blanchard

ARKS Instructor & Examiner
Event Support & Track Maintenance


Bevan Fraser

Committee Member,  Track Maintenance & Kart Recovery Vehicle Driver


A Marshal

Chief Marshal / Starter


Jamie Mackay

Assistant Vice-Chairman


Gordon McKay

Vice Chairman


Louis  Moir


Unfortunately, we simply can't feature everybody here that works so tirelessly, both between each event and on race day itself. BUT YOU KNOW WHO YOU ARE!