Why Karting?

Its great fun & the proven road to professional motorsport...the words of Formula 1 world champion Ayrton Senna says it all!

For over 50 years karting has produced a near constant stream of professional racing drivers and indeed F1 drivers and champions.

Kart racing is fast and often intense, with close wheel to wheel action requiring lightning fast reactions, lls, discipline, finesse, courage and concentration.


The sport is renowned for developing racecraft and driving skills, but even if you're not an aspiring F1 driver it must always be remembered that karting is a form of its own right!



Young Driver Skills & Character Development


Kart Racing Teaches Life Skills

Character Bulding

The ultra-competitive nature of karting is renowned the world over for producing a seemingly endless stream of top class racing drivers, and, for a privileged few, a career all the way up to Formula 1, but the sport still offers the majority of competitors a far less obvious environment for young racers to gain valuable life skills and lessons that very few other sports can offer.

On or off the track, karting offers one of the very best venues for youngsters to learn many of life’s most important lessons.

The personal development opportunities for any young driver in karting can be immense, it can also be uniquely well-suited for youngsters to bond with parents, develop meaningful relationships with elders as team principals, coaches and officials, learn the role of authority, begin to understand technology, respect competitors, overcome adversity, apply logical reasoning and discover that actions and inactions have consequences, all of which is real character building stuff.